6 -Sayreville New Jersey

Before I knew what hit me, my parents came back to pick me up at Kathys and instructed Kathy to pack her belongings unless she planned on staying , that they were moving to a small apartment and selling the house. This was a surprise to all of us. So boxes were sought out, moving truck rented and before long I had a small  walk in closet in a one bedroom apartment , and I was to sleep on the sofa bed. Valerie was still in the hospital, and she had a hospital bed set up for her arrival home on the wall adjacent my sofa bed. To my left was the fireplace stereo combo where I amused myself with 45 RPM records and albums . I would listen to the hits, and if I had some money , I would buy the latest  top 10 hits from listening to WABC radio .


Soon my Mothers and Father were commuting back and forth to New York  and for a short time with Paul their son who was now broke up from Barbara and living at an apartment with Kathy who was just on the other side of our complex in a nice modern two bedroom townhouse called London Terrace Apartments. Paul took one of the bedrooms and later was working at a pizza joint in town. He made friends and one close friend Ralph Calliaco who owned one pizza place was always showing up at Kathy’s with weed. I never saw the bag of weed but I saw Ralph light up a joint and share it with Kathy and Paul while listening to the Moody Blues. She would fix a cup of tea for herself.Her kids were either asleep or playing . Kathy now had two . Regina and Jim,she conceived Regina when she got pregnant on Penn Way. She claims it was her X husbands but Regina looks spitting image of Steve Sanchez. I was soon to turn 14 and I was disappointed in the new school I had to attend.

The apartment we resided at was called Skytop Gardens. Millie, lived about 3 buildings away from us. She was now on her third husband Mike Chinello . Everyone was taking a step down in the way they all lived. Except Kathy . She went up the scale while my parents went down along with Millie.I met other teens at the school bus stop that year. Iris was one girl who lived two buildings up and her parents looked so distressed and sad. I visited inside her unit one time. It was depressing and cluttered, nothing matched from drapes to  table cloths made of plastic . Millies apartment was old too but she had alot of large Italian style furniture and it was very cramped in her apartment. I remember the death of her husband Max in Hopatcong New Jersey . Downstairs in a room just off the family area was a hospital bed set up . Her Mother lived there too and  when Max died, everyone was just hanging around upstairs, Millie went down to check on Max , and came back up and said he’s gone. No tears , just ..he’s gone and called the local morgue to pick Max up. I don’t recall exactly when Millies Mother died, but it was not long after. I think she cried when that happened. Mike Chianello was her next husband who had to have Millie translate for him so having a conversation with him meant some work. Mike had a large scar on the left side of his face all the way to the corner of his mouth.

I read that in the Mafia, if a man has this scar it means he sees too much , he talks too much. And if the scar is from the ear to the mouth it means he hears too much he speaks too  much.Mike kept getting sick and was in the hospital often. I was there and saw him too. He passed away of a heart attack from what I heard.I was asked to dog sit for this black mini teacup poodle that they had. Prince was its name. Annoying as it was, I watched the dog for $25.00 for a week at a time. I think Millie and Mike went to Italy for his visa or something.

Valerie was now released from the hospital in New York. No sooner was she home before she had  a visitor while she recovered in the living room of the small apartment. His name was Stewart.Valerie was introduced to him  after she made friends with the girl in the wheelchair in New York hospital. She had a new boyfriend now ,Stewart who she met at the hospital and he was about 21 very good looking curly reddish hair, Jewish, well dressed and he took the train to N.j. to visit Valerie.My Father picked him up . Personally, I would never let a man visit me in front of my family while i was laid up on my back in a hospital bed at home, in a living room. Millie was over visiting and sitting in the dining area  everyone sipping coffee and all of a sudden Steward fell to the floor and had a grand mal seizure. We were made aware that Stewart had epilepsy. Millie came to assist holding Stewarts tongue down with a spoon while he seizured and foam came out of his mouth! Stewart came to,and my Father helped him to his feet had him sit for awhile and drove him home or to the train or to New York.Stewart never came back.I think my family was disgrundled with him.Soon Valerie got her cast off , she still looked the same but they put a harrington rod in her to support her spine. Once the cast was off , and she lived at home a very short time, hung out with a couple of guys one called Tex, she was having make out sessions at the corner of London Terrace apartments near Kathys building.This guy was some truck driver and then he was gone. I have no idea how she met him unless he was someone elses visitor at the hospital in N.Y.Kathy knew about this,she just grinned and said nothing.Next was Juan Torrez.I had no idea how she was meeting these people but Juan was a real ugly dude.Soon he was visiting New Jersey to see Valerie too.

And soon Valerie went to live with Paula.The truck driver named Tex who took her to Illinois.

Now , it was me at my parents , Paul at Kathys and I still hated school.At the bus stop everyone smoked cigaretts both on the way to and from school. I told my parents I hated the school and I wanted to go to another one.No one made any attempt to find another school so I tolerated going and gotcaught smoking on the bus on the way home. When I walked into the apartment Paul was standing there with the letter from school about my detention which I had lied about and said I would be home late from school because I was in study hall. Apparantly a teacher saw me passing a smoke from the rear window of the bus on my way home.
Sayerville Jr High was the school I had to attend. I hated this place. Everyone smoked , thought they were the best, the girls were already having sex before the school bus at Brenda’s apartment because her Mother was not home , the Mariani sisters, Renee and Valerie were complete opposites.Valerie was into learning and passing school, and Renee was into smoking cigarettes and dressing sexy and in the summer would flirt with the ice cream man who drove around selling ice cream. I managed to get caught up playing hookie they called it going on the hook and in the laundry area there were two large wooden doors to each building . We all hid out there . It was stupid they smoked cigarettes, snacked , talked, and some drank alcohol. Me , I just watched and started to smoke but couldn’t inhale. No one was having sex, that was only Brenda and her boyfriend and at her apartment  where she and him would sneak off. I didn’t want to hang with this crowd and I detached myself.

Renee would make fun because I did not know how to smoke. She taught me but it took months. Everyone smoked on the bus after school.

My entire family smoked . How can they expect me not too? At this school I attended, now in 7th grade, and older than all my classmates because of being born in January, I became exposed to nothing but immature little punks. In my history class, Mr Prendeville, there were three favorite classmates of his. Linda Burlette , Cheryl, and Marilyn Mills. Marilyn was such a tomboy and spiteful too. One day in class she duct taped a note to my hair that read PLEASE PUNCH ME. And as I walked down the hall this is just what happened. Kids running , racing down the hall took a punch at my back. I went to the office , asked to talk to my guidance counselor and I was rushed into his office. Mr Frank Brockman. I told him what the students were doing to me and he took notes. As I stood up to turn around, Mr Brockman stopped me and took the note from my hair. There was never a further discussion about this and I am sure Marilyn was suspended. But after school when she came back , it only started again and I was terrorized. I wrote to my sister in Illinois and shared with her how I was being treated at school and how even my money was being taken from me and those who I saw as friends were using me . My letters were all mailed home making something sexual out of my words on paper ” being used” mean having sex. My Mother approached me one night and asked me what my letters meant .

I called my sister from the pay phone collect and I was in tears asking her why she mailed my letters home. I would write to her and vent as a teenager which I thought was ok. Some of my letters were poorly communicated making comments like” he used me ” ( meaning for money for cigs ) which was turned upside down meaning sex. I never had sex with anyone.She said ” I was only trying to help” Pretty soon I wanted to leave New Jersey and visit Paula in Illinois after many collect phone calls upset with school with Kathy and Paul and the drug scene around me. My mind was a fog , my direction was wrong and I was becoming very nervous about my surroundings at school. Nothing seemed normal anymore and there was never any explanation as to why life was so unstable anymore.Paula and I would talk frequently she told  me when to call her, and to call collect . I never called her from the house phone because the bill would be too high and an argument would come into play.Paula and the family weren’t talking for what seemed like 10 yrs. I had not seen my sister in about 10 years and sometimes she would tell me about her times living at home . About Kathy, and how she was adored , and how it was difficult with all of the family arguments and problems with Kathy.

Dad, Mom Valerie and me went to see the Ten Commandments that easter week.That is all of the memories I have other than Valerie and her male contacts from Hopatcong to Sayerville and taking me to the movies one time to see a rated X film of which we were asked to leave because she was not supposed to take me as I was under age. I was glad I did not like sitting there watching naked people .I was 12 1/2 or 13.

Valerie had surgery the Dr put a harrington rod in her to support her spine. Once the cast was off , and she lived at home a very short time, hung out with a couple of guys one called Tex, she was having make out sessions at the corner of London Terrace apartments near Kathys building . This guy was some truck driver and then he was gone. Next was Juan Torrez. I had no idea how she was meeting these people but Juan was a real ugly dude . Some kind of  latin mix little short guy with broken english. And then Valerie was sent to Illinois to live with Paula. So now , it was me at my parents , Paul at Kathys and I dropped out of school. I told my parents I hated the school and I wanted to go to another one. No one made any attempt to find another school so I just stayed at home, occupied myself with cooking recipes, making pies, cookies, and being bored looking out the window of the kitchen .I don’t remember ever decorating a Christmas tree at the small apartment…Pretty soon I hated Sayerville nothing to do , nowhere to go .I was 13


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