My First Job –

I had ambitions and I could not stand being at home doing nothing if I was not going back to that dreadful school, and if my parents were’t going to enroll me in any school I would find a job . I called some newspaper ads looking for a cashier job but everyone told me I needed a work permit. So I asked where I go , got a phone number , called and was instructed that I would need to be accompanied by a parent with my birth certificate and social security card . So I told my Mother who stayed home from work and we took a taxi over to the office where she showed her ID and I showed my documents . I was given a document with a notary seal to show employers. I felt happy but also nervous. I gave my birth certificate back to my Mother she always put important items in a lock box.Not long after, I was hired at Pathmark on Rt 9 in Sayreville as a part time cashier.A training class offered upstairs over the store with a cash register some boxes and cans with prices and non food items . Training was unique teaching me what sundries were the various color stickers on each item and the cash register keys to use to match . The easiest was the large grocery key the others were smaller. They trained on how to add sales tax using a chart and how to store large bills under the till. My paychecks were only $25.00 to $75.00 a week and I would set some money aside to buy jeans and shirts for work . We all had to wear these light blue smocks with pockets over our clothes. I wore taller shoes I was so short it was otherwise hard for me to see the register keys. When I would be working the evening shift every Friday I started to take notice of the same guy standing in line with a six pack of cola and I wasn’t on express. After the third time seeing him it was break time closing my register after ringing him up. He was handsome with wavy brown hair and a slight accent . He said hi how you doing? I said ok thanks . BREAK TIME !!!He laughed walking on my right side towards the exit door where I would clock out on my break and he said so what’s your name?Joann . I’m Hoffman you want to go for coffee ? I can’t I only have 15 minutes. Can I call you? Ok. I wrote my number down on scratch paper and he left . See ya! I went to the break room and took my break but now I can mix in the conversations soon about the dating scene in Sayreville. The stock guy at the store was always very nice to me he was in college studying to be a match teacher. His name was Mike . He had hair like Gabe Kaplin from welcome back Kotter. Actually he dressed like him and wore big goofy eye glasses like him . When he had no glasses on he was nice looking not handsome ust ok. Mike would give me a ride home when I worked until 10PM when we both worked the same shift. One time he invited me to dinner and not too long after alot of breaks at the same time he came onto me. Just kissing  nothing tragic. He was older age 21 and I did not know if he was trying to get serious with me .It was a Sunday I was at home, and Hoffman called me .My Mom answered the phone and said yes she is … who is this? And she held the phone out to me and said Hoffman? With a look on her face because the name was different. So how you doing ? Hi! I’m ok thanks. So you wanna go to Keensberg Carnivale? Hold on let me ask my parents. I cupped the phone and said it is ok to go? Who is he said my Dad.I met him at work . Where does he live?  Hey where do you live? Skytop Gardens. I cup the phone and I say he lives here in the complex! Oh? Said Mom. Can I go? Ok they shrugged and knodded. Ok I can go. You know we live in the same complex. Which building are you in? 8. I am in 12.Ok I will pick you up at Ok bye. I was all nervous now what do I wear an so es he stands ion. I hung up the phone and all eyes were upon me. So you met him at work ? Said Dad. Yes he stands on my check out line even when he should be on express and waits and waits till all my big orders are done .


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