4 -Learning To Walk Again

I was age 12 when I had the surgery , and 13 when I was free from my cast. The ride to NY was the same as it was leaving, in an ambulance, and directly to the clinic to have this cast removed. Because I could not see this monstrosity laying down I asked if I can keep my cast. Cutting made me cry and scream. The man kept telling me that the saw will stop if it hits  my leg. Every time I would hear this drummel I went into a panic mode and would cry in hysterics.They all probably were glad t get rid of me . I am sure he entire staff went home with a headache that night. I was in the casting room for at least 2 hrs. Finally , placed on a bed  I was no table to walk on my own anymore. I had dead skin cells all over me, small hairs growing back that were pinching, and was about to have to learn that I would not drown in the physical therapy pool. On a stretcher made for the pool, I was lowered into there so that my legs would be lighter and therapy would be less painful on me.

My Physical Therapist was a real nice person , calmed me when I cried because of my fear of water and swimming which I could not do either upset me . She taught me how to move my legs in the water and talked to me calmly . Once I gained strength in my legs more outside of the pool exercises would be worked with. Th e hardest was laying down on my left side, lifting my leg up and resisting when the therapist pushed down on my leg. It was weak and I would never have the full strength I once had . I was given a cane and sent on my way within 3 months. I learned to walk without my cane by age 13  1/2


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