9 August Heat Rantoul

I seemed to survive July and August heat.There was some rain which cooled things off a bit. Valerie would visit Paulas in the morning for coffee her husband Bob would drop her off then pick her up at lunch time sometimes bringing lunch meat over and at the table everyone fixed something for themselves. I could not understand why this old man was so easily accepted to the family with such ease.Then something was said about when the baby is born. My eyes widened as I looked at Valerie then Paula and then Bob who brought it up . It was then announced that Valerie was pregnant.With Bobs baby of course. After the two left, I looked again at Paula . Did you know this ? I did .. she replied. That is why she married him Jo. She had to.Had to? Why? So that no one will know they slept together. Do Mom and Dad know? I don’t know she said. You just don’t worry about them. Hey how about this. Would you like to go to school out here Jo? Its a real nice place to live, and you might like the kids out here . Will you think about it? Oh wow I don’t know Paula. I haven’t made plans to stay that long. Well, I don’t think Bob is planning another trip back to New Jersey before the Fall. The whole thought of not going home for a long time depressed me .Decide soon Jo, enrollment is in 2 weeks for September ok? I’ll think about it I said.I really did not want to do this but if it did not work out I can always call my parents to get me .


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