5- Penn Way

My brother was now spending alot of time at his sister Kathy’s rental in Hopatcong on Penn Way. It was a quaint little white house with red trim . Adorable place . The inside was cute almost like Jefferson Trail . It was a one bedroom though. This year Paul proposed to Barbara Vassallo and they spent alot of time together. Barbara was introduced to Paul by Ray Vassallo who became a good friend of his. Ray was a sharp dressed very handsome, Barbara was very pretty too. Kathy and Barbara seemed to become good friend.I met Roseanne Vasallo who of the three was the only biological daughter as Ray and Barbara were said to be adopted.I met Roseanne after I was able to walk
using a cane now . She was so smart and social
I really liked her.
My parents brought wedding gifts home for my Brother. One item was a royal blue musical box. The design was of the world with the zodiac on it of colorful birthstones set into this lusturous blue glass on metal and when pulled up on the gold moon on top , it played a wedding song. Once opened, it was a cigarette holder. The wedding rings were now in hand, two identical rings one made for the bride , one for the groom with diamonds set across the top. About a month before the wedding date, it was told that Barbara wrote a note on a large piece of cardboard that came in the shirts from the dry cleaners. The note written in large red letters said. I’M NOT GETTIN MARRIED!  Paul cried and cried , and I heard that Barbara met a man his name was Eddie Malendez.They got married and a couple of years later, divorced .Barbara said he beat her and mistreated her.Eddie was a freakish looking Pureto Rican. Long afro hair, weed smoker

One evening shortly after this break up,I was dropped off at Kathys with a suitcase. My parents were presumably working so much  that it seemed reasonable for me to stay with Kathy at least this was what I was told.I slept on the couch in the front porch and one night I heard a noise outside. I was startled. I called Kathy and said I hear a noise!! She tiptoed to the door peeked outside and said no ones there and if there were they wouldn’t want you.I felt sad and unwanted now.I didn’t know where my parents were anymore,we moved around so much and so much has happened.

The next thing I knew, we were visiting Valerie in New York Hospital because she had to have surgery on her scoliosis. When we walked in her hospital room I was shocked to see what they did to her. There were screws in each side of her head. There were cables connected to the screws that led to a metal or stainless steel halo that had weights on the end hanging off the head of her hospital bed.Screws in her ankles with more weights at the foot of the bed. GASP! What happened ? This was how they pulled on her spine to try to straighten her out she was terribly crooked. She was in bed with a body cast from her chest to her hips. She was crying.I felt sad for her. There was a black woman in a wheelchair.Her name was Nina.She was african american and had severe crippling in her legs and back too. There was so much going on , that I lost track between the time I stayed at Kathy’s to the time my parents returned and when they did they planned on moving to Sayerville N.J. The home on Santa-Fe-Trail was going up for sale.I continued my trips to New York still at the house on Santa-Fe-Trail for the time being.I remember standing at the elevator with the physical therapist taking me to the ward where my parents were visiting with Valerie and she told me I had nice dimples when I smiled. It was then I felt like I wanted to be a nurse and help people , smile, and grow up like these people.Soon I would be back in school and when I returned I was in the 7th grade. Things had changed in the months I was not there. School fights broke out I was made fun of because I now walked a little funny and I got a new nickname . Peg leg. Sometimes kids would run down the hall and punch me or stick duct tape in my hair. I finally went to the student counsel and told Mr Brockman what happened. When I stood up to turn to leave the tape was still in my hair and it was removed by the student counselor.


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